Alfalfa Juice Powder (Organic) 8 oz.

This Certified Organic Alfalfa Juice Powder is Grown in the U.S. The Alfalfa is Cut, Shipped, Juiced and Low Temperature Dried to Preserve and Protect the Enzymes and is considered RAW.  Alfalfa Juice Powder in water is a very Alkalinizing and Refreshing Drink. It can help to strengthen the body and contribute to your overall health and well being. The Alfalfa Plant has very Deep Roots and absorbs valuable trace minerals, such as manganese and phosphorus. These trace minerals, combined with other vitamins and nutrients including amino acids and chlorophyll, are said to strengthen the Heart, Digestive System, Joints and Bones.

You are going to Love it!

8 oz.

I have just a few bags available that just reached pull date so I am blowing them out.  Buy and use them quickly for freshest product.  A Great deal!!!!!!

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