Whole Life Superfoods Organic Black Botija Dehydrated Olives

You hear a lot of talk these days about ‘superfoods’, but few have as much claim to that title as the super-nutritious olive. And when it comes to purity and exquisite flavor, nothing comes close to our tree-ripened organic black olives.

Why These Olives are Unlike Any Other

Even if you’ve never enjoyed the taste of olives, one bite of our olives will change your mind. And if you already enjoy olives… prepare to fall in love all over again. What’s the difference? Our olives are pure, living fruits—rich, juicy, smooth and tangy, cultivated with loving care by a husband and wife who are passionate about perfecting this exquisite food.

How do they do it?

First, there’s the farm: a stretch of Peruvian coastal desert that has never been exposed to chemical pesticides or fertilizers. Using innovative permaculture techniques, our partners turned this salty desert into a sustainable oasis—the first organic farm in Peru, rich with biodiversity. In addition to its organic status, the farm EUREGAP Certified for "Good Agricultural Practices," and the olives are certified Kosher. 
Second, there’s the tree: nestled among groves of pomegranate and citrus, this unusual strain of Botija trees is the hardiest we’ve ever seen, and it produces a large, plum-like olive with a robust flavor and meaty texture. 
Third, there’s the processing: every olive ripens on the tree, is manually harvested and sun-dried for 5-7 days, then low-temperature washed and prepared using healthy lacto-fermentation (instead of the fast, cheap vinegar or lye preparation commonly used today). The herbed varieties are marinated in a bath of our own cold-pressed olive oil and locally-grown herbs and aji. Finally, they’re bagged for easy-to-handle shipping and shopping. 

Olives for Health

Olives are one of the moist nutrient-dense foods, and their effects are nothing short of miraculous:
· Protects blood vessels, cuts arterial plaque and lowers LDL (bad) cholesterol while raising HDL (good) cholesterol.
· Olive-oil diets halve heart-attack risk!
· Protects against ulcers and gastritis, and promotes ulcer healing
· Cuts colon cancer risk
· Oleic acid in olives cuts breast cancer risk and fights aggressive tumor growth
· Rich in calcium and antioxidants
· Polyphenols fight osteoporosis!
· Lacto-Fermentation creates natural pro-biotics to aid in digestive health and immune balance.

Using Dehydrated Black Olives

You have several different ways to enjoy these succulent, tangy olives, which taste like meaty, savory prunes. With the pits removed, these are the easiest way to add olive health and distinctive quality to your products! The unpitted variety come infused with herbs or aji.