About Us

You can see me on my Home Page after a weekend promoting my products at a Retreat.   This is what I love to do.  To be at a show and give tastes of my favorite foods to intelligent healthy people.  Promoting the health benefits of these Delicious Superfoods has been a passion for many years. 

Some background:
I worked at the Gentle Strength Co-op in Tempe, Arizona in the 70's and was fascinated by herbs, natural healing.  On the job training at the ARE Clinic for Massage and Colonics.  Study and Practice in Europe. I was a Professional Massage Therapist for 30 years. I studied with some of the best people I could find.  I tried many diets to improve my health at that time and explored many nutritional products and promoted MLM products such as Herbalife, Cernatine, Sunrider, and others.   I learned a lot doing that.  But I got tired of fighting the reality of the high prices for what products. I got tired of the game plan.   Some great products, very high prices.  Beautiful boxes and good but expensive products. I wanted to start my own game. So, I got out of the MLM circuit.  

Back then in the '90s  I tried selling a non-MLM new product I thought was real good and has like 40 or 50 ingredients, superfoods, herbs, probiotics, seemed like everything in it.  At that time I thought it was a good idea.  As time goes on, I think, how much of the really good stuff is in there?  How much of this really hits the bulls eye?  How much is really needed and how much is in essence "filler"?    How does it taste dry?  Thats a good test.  I tried it. Bad taste in the mouth.  Yuck!  I want to spit it out.  Yes, pretty packaging in glass and a lot of words, great marketing. Product?  Not what I want.  

If you like your green foods I think the true test of a Great Product is you can put it in your mouth dry and it should taste rich and delicious.  You shouldn't have to cover the taste up with stevia or other flavorings.  You shouldn't have to sample out your product with apple juice.  All you prove there is that you can cover up your bad taste with apple juice to get them down.   High Quality Health Products Do Not Taste Bad.  They taste Good.  Before you buy anything in a store, ask for a dry sample and put it in your mouth like that.  Then you taste the product, not a watered down version.  True, some healthy superfood ingredients do have unusual tastes that take a bit of time and use to have them taste normal to you.  I remember back in 1980 when I first tasted spirulina in Santa Cruz.  I was afraid of it.  I was addicted to sweets.  I put it in apple juice.  Now, I really like the flavor.  I encourage people now to not be afraid.  Its not so bad.  It takes getting used to. And its worth it for the health benefits.  The tastes are exciting.

More ingredients isn't better.  A really great product to me is one where you have only a few really high quality, carefully selected ingredients that are super nutritious and taste good.  Simple.   

Simple also counts in business for me.  I don't want to have 100 products.  Target the ones that are the most effective..the ones that are the most popular and give you a good price on them.  Hey, if you want to buy wholesale in quantity, let me know,  I'll give you wholesale prices.

An Honest Approach for you, my customer. This company is about treating you fairly.  
Giving you the most and highest quality healthy products for your money.  
I want to make friends.  I appeal to real and honest people. 
Get the most for what you pay your money for.
I compare quality and price to give you the best bang for your buck.
You decide what you need. 
If you need some help,  Call me.