I have been doing business with Rok for several years now and am very happy with his products and service. His great prices and friendly demeanor make doing business a breeze. ~ HC

Dear Whole Life
I am looking for your wheat grass powder. A friend gave me some to sample and it is the yummiest, sweet smelling and tasting wheat grass that I've come across.
Thanks kindly,

Hello Rok,
Just had to tell you I couldn't wait any longer and had to open the bag to compare your mix with the other 2 brands I'm using up.  WOW, what a big difference, a very good one.  Can't wait to use the Green Mix exclusively.  
I don't know why I'm so fascinated with super foods lately, just hope I notice an energy change and better health feeling to keep the enthusiasm going.  I read up on Maca and will give that a try next time too.

Rok I tried the greens yesturday and LOVED them, I'm bummed now to have to finish my vitamineral green, you are right your greens are much tastier! My daughter even enjoyed your green in just water and she is only 7 years old...she also loves to eat the chlorella tablets!  Very excited!
I wanted to go and buy some of your greens tomorrow on the way into town, but I think I'll just wait until I get to make a wholesale order from you! I am gone all weekend but would love to have your wholesale prices next week if possible so I can get a order together asap! As you can see I'm very excited!
Enjoy your week!

"I just Love your Greens Mix
Its very smooth"

"Thanks for trusting me".  taking an IOU from a complete stranger

"You have all the best stuff"

"Absolutely Love your Green Mix!! It's the only one I have found that actually tastes really good."